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These 2 inch Floating/Diving Crawfish lures feature two #10 Red Treble hooks, raised eyes, and the action of a fleeing crawfish.  Excellent for Bass & Walleye as well as many other game fish.  Dives 2 to 7 feet, or deeper with lighter line and faster retrieval.  Suitable for fresh or saltwater, and can be fished as a shrimp or lobster as well. The rattle inside sends out vibrations attracting fish to bite.  With 5 colors there is one suitable to attract any type of gamefish, in any water condition, in any part of the country. (measures 2 3/4 inches with the lip) Try these in place of a Wiggle Wart or Rebel Craw, you won't be disappointed.

2 in Crawdad Diver

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