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The larger version of your favorite Arkie Crankbait. Perfect for Crappie, Walleye and Bass! Casting, Cranking, Trolling, Pushing or Pulling.

  • Diving bill to generate one of the most enticing actions in the water.
  • Dual rattle system combining two sounds - A unique vibration and sound found only in Arkie Crankbaits!
  • Super sharp hooks. 
  • Over 60 color combinations for an array of water, light, and forage conditions.

Trolling Tips
Looking for a way to extend your Crappie season? Trolling for Crappie has become a year round method for putting fish in the boat, and is very effective in the Summer and Fall.

Trolling speeds range from 1.2 MPH up to 2.2 MPH.

350 Series Rattling Diver

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