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Come fully prepared for your next fishing excursion, and take home more game fish than ever before, with the Magic Baby Shad in Red or Chartreuse. This Baby Shad from Magic is all you need for a successful day out on the water, reeling 'me in from sunrise to sunset. It's a versatile bait made with real Baby Shad that's great for catching a variety of gamefish, that comes in a reusable bag for ease of use. Pick up this pack of Magic Baby Shad today and see the difference it makes on your next trip!

  • Try out a premium bait to bring home more gamefish than ever before
  • Real Baby Shad are sure to attract all kinds of fish from far and wide
  • Red or Chartreuse coloring will lure in all sorts of fish
  • Great bait for catching a wide variety of gamefish
  • Ideal for use by fishing enthusiasts of all skill levels
  • Comes in reusable bag for easy transport and access
  • Diversify your tackle box with some added options for your next time out on the water

Baby Shad

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