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Best Hunting/3D-Fletched Crossbow Arrows
.300 ID

Black Eagle Crossbows Arrows in the last 10 years have accounted for more World Championships in 3D Archery than all other arrow companies Combined!
The Executioner Crossbow Fletched 20" & 22" Arrows - 3" Vanes by Black Eagle are top-of-the-line arrows specifically designed for crossbows. With a straightness of .001 or .003, these arrows are incredibly accurate and ensure consistent performance. Available in lengths of 20" and 22", these arrows are suitable for various crossbow models. The 3" vanes further enhance stability and flight trajectory, making these arrows ideal for both target practice and hunting. Manufactured by the trusted brand Black Eagle, these Executioner arrows deliver exceptional quality, reliability, and durability, ensuring a successful and satisfying shooting experience.
 They'll work with most major manufacturer crossbows, but please check your crossbow manual for arrow weight minimums to avoid voiding your crossbow warranty.
.001"& .003" Straightness or Straighter
+/- 1 Grain Weight Tolerance
20/22" Shaft Lengths
  • Comes with Half Moon Nocks, Installed but Removable and Flat Nocks on 20" (Black)
  • Executioner Brass Inserts **Installed**- (20" - 110 Grains. 22" - 92 Grains)
  • 3" Vanes
  • Shipped in Executioner Box
  • 20" and 22" Crossbow arrows weigh 326 Grains without a field point or broadhead.
Total Arrow Weight 20" and 22" Crossbow arrows weigh 326 Grains without a field point or broadhead.
LengthInner DiameterOuter DiameterGPI


Hot Melt is NOT recommended for use with Black Eagle Arrow shafts.
NO Cleaner for Outside or Inside the shaft is recommended! Use Q-Tip or Paper towel.

Black Eagle Arrow - Executioner - Crossbow Arrows

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