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If you're an outdoors enthusiast looking for an easy way to store and transport your water while camping, look no further than Coghlan's Collapsible Water Container. This lightweight container is designed to fold flat when empty, making it the perfect companion for your next camping trip. It can hold up to 5 gallons of liquid, and its heavy-duty polyethylene material means it's built to last for years. This BPA-free and food-grade water container helps keep you hydrated while camping and its convenient collapsible design makes packing and storage a breeze. Coghlan's Collapsible Water Container makes storing and dispensing water simple, whether you're camping off the grid or just looking to save trips to the campground faucet.

  • BPA-free
  • Leak-proof on/off spigot
  • Maintains flexibility even in cold temperatures
  • Collapsible to save space
  • Molded handles for easy carrying
  • 5 gallons (18.9L) of water storage

Coghlan's Collapsible Water Container - CG1205

SKU: 056389012059
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