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Coghlan's Dunk Bag is the perfect camping accessory for those who want to air out their belongings. Made of ultra-lightweight nylon mesh, this bag is versatile and can be used as a laundry bag, wash bag, tote bag, or toy bag. It won't mildew, rot, or retain odors, and comes with a sewn-in drawstring for added convenience. Compact and easy to carry, the Dunk Bag is a must-have for any outdoor enthusiast.

  • Breathable nylon mesh
  • Will not rot, mildew or retain odors
  • 19 in. x 23 in. (48 cm x 58 cm)
  • Drawstring closure

Coghlan's Nylon Mesh Dunk Bag - 19" x 23" - CG8319

SKU: 056389083196
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