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The all-new Daiwa DF18000 is an improvement on the heavy-action spinning reel popular with so many jetty and surf anglers as well as diehard catfish fishermen. It’s a no-nonsense workhorse designed to sink barbs and simply catch fish. The DF18000 features all-new cosmetics and a new rubber touch handle. It also features a stainless-steel main shaft, fully anodized corrosion brakes, and 3.4 gear ratio. The weight is close to 30 ounces and it has a fairly high retrieve thanks to the diameter of the big spool. It holds a good deal of line with 39.4 inches per crank. Its monofilament capacity is an astounding 460 yards of 20 pound test and 320 yards of 30 pound test; for J-Braid, the spool holds 600 yards of 50 pound test and 450 yards of 65 pound test. Maximum drag is 33 pounds.

Daiwa GIANT DF18000 Spinning reel

SKU: 043178922699
$59.99 Regular Price
$56.99Sale Price
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