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Eagle Claw hook assortments, choose from the following:
Crappie/Bream Hook Assortment Assorted aberdeen style hooks for crappie and bream (Qty 80 hooks)

Bass Hook Assortment  Assorted kahle, weedless, worm, and plain shank hooks for bass (Qty 67 hooks)

Panfish/Crappie Hook Assortment  Assorted aberdeen hooks for panfish and crappie (Qty 80 hooks)


Treble Hook Assortment  Assorted short shank treble hooks for freshwater species (Qty 25 hooks)

Trout Hook Assortment  Assorted salmon egg, baitholder, regular shank, and treble hooks for trout species  (Qty 67 hooks)
Walleye Hook Assorment  Assorted kahle, baitholder, and long shank hooks for walleye  (Qty 80 hooks)

Catfish Hook Assortment Assorted dough bait treble, limerick, baitholder, straight hook and wide gap hooks (Qty 67 hooks)

Eagle Claw Hook Assortments

PriceFrom $9.26
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