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The Pro-V Crappie Jigs are comprised of an American-Made Eagle Claw® 500 Jig Hook featuring the all-new Flying Eye head design. A stand-out feature is the Pro-V bend, which has a sleeker profile, a shape that aids in holding baits in place, and is stronger than comparable round bend hooks. The Pro-V Bend also increases the holding power of the hooks after the hook is set by funneling the fish to the deepest point on the hook throat and keeping it there. The Flying Eye Head design helps the Pro-V Crappie jigs stand out from the crowd. Featuring uniquely shaped holographic eyes the Flying Eye head design also adds a touch of flash that crappie can't resist. The Pro-V Crappie Jigs are dressed with a hand-tied chenille body paired with a tinsel flash marabou tail.

Choose from 1/32, 1/8 or 1/16 oz.  6 pieces per package.

Eagle Claw Feather Maribou Crappie Jig

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