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Never before has a scent wick been this versatile, the flexible material allows you to hang the Flex Wick anywhere, and allows your scent to be blown through the air much easier. When you couple these features with the scent free tube each Flex Wick comes in, you see why Pure Whitetail’s patent pending Flex Wick is the new standard in scent wicks!

  • GAME CHANGER: Pure Whitetail’s Patent Pending Flex Wick is an extremely absorbent reusable flexible scent wick for use with all scents and attractants. Super soft wicking fibers hold scents and attractants like nothing else in the industry. Unique design allows air to flow through fibers, carrying scent greater distances.

  • VERSATILE: Flexible design allows the Flex Wick to be hung or wrapped around anything. Super absorbent extended fibers hold both liquid, gel or powder scents like Pure Whitetail’s Power Dust products. Leave out in the field or take back home with you in the included scent free tube.

  • USE: Perfect for all season use. Hang on licking branches overhanging scrapes for creating mock scrapes or reactivating existing scrapes and soak with scents and attractants. Create and maintain pre-orbital rubbing habits on licking branches. Use with attractants or cover scents and hang around your hunting area. Attach to a line and use as a drag.

Pure Whitetail Flex Wick

SKU: 864078000405
$10.99 Regular Price
$10.44Sale Price
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