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Pure Whitetail’s Bedded-Up Natural Calming Scent Dust is the perfect attractant to help calm whitetail deer and place them at ease. This product comes in powder form and is infused with Pure Whitetail’s natural Bedded-Up calming scent. It provides natural bedding area and deer herd scents and smells to the area and helps mask human odor to calm both bucks and does traveling through or bedding in the area. Leverage this calming effect all season long as you scout, check trail cameras, create and freshen mock scrapes, set up and move treestands and blinds, and hunt. Distribute regularly around treestands and blinds and any other desired areas. Instill a calming effect on deer in the area by providing familiar scents and smells to put them at ease.

Pure Whitetail Power Dust Bedded-Up 4 oz

SKU: 850002330199
$17.99 Regular Price
$17.09Sale Price
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