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Pure Whitetail Seasoning

Pure Whitetail’s Seasoning was developed for the true sportsman who enjoys hunting and cooking wild game. It adds zest to any wild game, beef, pork, chicken, burgers and is also great in soups and salads. For extra flavor, use in combination with our Pure Whitetail marinade. The perfect combination of flavors, whether grilling or smoking! Ensure your friends and family have no doubt who owns the grill master title after serving them your mouthwatering creations from your grill, smoker, or BBQ pit!


  • Salt

  • Spices

  • Dehydrated Garlic

  • Oleoresin

  • Paprika Added For Color

Pure Whitetail Seasoning 6 oz

SKU: 850002330502
$11.49 Regular Price
$10.92Sale Price
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