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Stainless Steel Front Cone

Steel Handle

Metal Gears for increased Durability

Model 6B

Filled with 6 lb line

Line Capacity:  4 lb/145 yds  0.20 mm/130m

6 lb/90 yds  0.23mm/80m

8lb/70yds  0.25mm/65m

Gear Ratio 3.0:1

Weight 5.5 oz


Model 10B

Filled with 10 lb line

Line Capacity:  8 lb/90 yds  0.25 mm/80m

10 lb/75 yds  0.28mm/70m

12lb/65yds  0.33mm/60m

Gear Ratio 3.5:1

Weight 7.8 oz


Shakespeare Synergy Steel Spincast reel

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